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Family Billing

Account Management

All of the information you need about the kids in your care at your fingertips. No more searching paper files for the one piece of information you need. Find everything in an instant and make changes quickly in one place.


Supervisor and Admin users can access all functions of Kindertales via a tablet or their desktop. On tablets via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Store or any tablet web browser.

Create/Archive/Transfer Children

Create child profiles upon enrollment, archive children who leave and have the ability to move profiles from one location to the next.


Online Enrollment

Make your enrollment process paperless and far less time consuming. Parents can fill out all of their enrollment forms securely online. No more dealing with reams of paper in overstuffed filing cabinets.


Manage Forms

Paperless way to handle the multitude of forms necessary for a child to start care.



Track allergies, communicable diseases, medical concerns and more. All employees have access to parent defined action plans for issues like anaphylactic reactions and how to administer medication.

Employee Management

Create staff profiles and manage their access in the system. Assign work schedules and salary for use later in payroll reports.

Track Classroom Ratios

Forecast how many teachers you will need in a given room today or in the future.


Manage Supply Staff

Know what days you need extra staff or DON'T need extra staff using the enrollment manager.

Billing & Payments

Let Kindertales handle all of the tedious bookkeeping tasks you used to dread. Did you become a child care provider to spend all of your time in the office?

We didn't think so. Billing done easy means more time on the floor with the kids.

Online Billing & Payments

With Kindertales, you can start collecting money from the moment you sign up. Families can pay online from their desktop or mobile device. Click here to learn more.



Imagine knowing when and where you will have available spaces in the future without going through spreadsheets and having to use your intuition! Keep your location full with our powerful forecasting tool.



Seamlessly build subsidy into your billing process.


Print Cheques & Track Deposits

Issue and print cheques right from the system. Track deposits for reconciliation.


Petty Cash Register

Record petty cash in the system. No more lock box with crumpled paper inside.


Capture the progress of your students as it happens with our tablets in the classroom.

No longer will teachers be madly writing milestone reports at the last minute.

Milestone Manager

Create custom milestones to suit your location's needs. Track teachers use of the milestone application with each child.


Milestone Editor

Don't necessarily like what a teacher wrote on a milestone? Supervisors can modify a milestone from their desktop any time.


Know how many children are in each room, common area or the whole location from your desktop or tablet.


Colour coded check-in and check-out times let you know at a glance which students are checked-in and where they are located.

Before & After School

Flag children as being in before or after school programs so they appear on tablet attendance lists specific to those programs.


Monitor Ratios

The attendance monitor allows you to know at a glance how many children and teachers are checked-in and where they are. Ratios of children to teachers are also provided.


Track Vacation & Additional Days

When children are on vacation you will know to allow for extra kids to attend or move staff to where they are needed. Additional days are also tracked in case parents need to drop their child off on a day not in their regular schedule.


No more notes on cubbie bins. No more fliers for staff to try and hand out to every parent at the end of the day.

Message teachers straight to their tablets and parents on their desktop or mobile device.

Choose from a variety of included co-branded templates or save any draft you make as a new template.

Manage Messages Between Teachers and Parents

Message your whole location, specific rooms or even specific parents effortlessly. You can also schedule messages to send out at a later time.


Online Permission Slips

Create and issue permission slips that parents can approve on their desktop or mobile device.


A powerful control panel allows you to adjust settings to better customize the application to your needs.


All the information pertinent to each of your locations is present including address, phone numbers, allergy alerts and much more.


Easily manage all of your child care locations. Set the time zone, allergens present, check-out time and more.



Create all the programs you offer and your location. Differentiate them by setting them as before school, after school, daytime or various other program types.



Quickly create and edit users. Assign their role, work locations, default classrooms, schedule, and record personal contact information.



Manage, customize, enable and disable a variety of forms used for enrollment and consent.


IP Control

An advanced feature that allows you to restrict employee access to Kindertales by authorizing only certain IPs the ability to allow sign-ins.

Room Manager

Change the name of a room and the capacity to suit the children enrolled. (ie. toddler to preschool.)

“I find Kindertales to be extremely beneficial to my center. It allows me to track attendance and have a constant awareness of the number of children currently in each program at various times of the day. It has made my work more efficient.” - Nicole - Facility Supervisor




Family Billing




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To provide caregivers with the tools needed to spend less time managing the facility and more time sharing their love and knowledge with the children they care for. At Kindertales we're dedicated to enhancing and enriching the early childhood experience.


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