Kindertales How-To
Install & Setup Kindertales Check-In

This section explains the functionality of the desktop inbox and message reading options for supervisors and parents.

Step 1: Download the App

*Note: Skip this step if you’ve ordered a check-in station from Kindertales. Learn more.


Download “Kindertales Check-In” on an Android tablet that you would like to use as a check-in station.


Device Requirements & Recommendations:

  • Must have a front facing camera
  • 2MP or greater front camera for best results
  • 7 inch or larger screen size for best results
Step 2: Enable the App for your Location
  • Navigate to the settings section in the Kindertales desktop portal for the location you want to use the Check-In station.
  • Go to the Check-In Station section and toggle the enable switch to ON.
Step 3: Additional Settings
  • If you want to require a parent signature set the toggle to ON.
  • If you’d like Parents or Staff to receive a message on the check-in station after signing in enter it in the appropriate fields and click Update & Save.
Step 4: Sign-In to the App

You’re now ready to start using the Check-In app. Load it up on the device you installed it to and sign in

as the Supervisor role for the location you just configured.


  • Navigate through the welcome slides and be sure to read the on screen information provided.

  • You can get back to these screens later on the tablet by tapping “Initial Setup” in the app’s settings.

  • Kiosk Mode
    This app is designed to run in Kiosk Mode on your Android device. This prevents users from being able to shut down the app while it is in a public space. To turn Kiosk Mode on or off just return to this initial setup process via the Settings section in the app.

  • Power
    This app is intended to be left running on a tablet in a kiosk format. Your device should be plugged in at all times to ensure it is always up and running when parents and staff are attempting to check in or out.
Step 5: Best Practices for Camera Placement

Camera Placement

Position camera so user's faces appear vertical in the image. Faces should be closest to the center of the scene. For best results, the camera should be placed in such a way that subjects will be looking directly at the camera.



Avoid pointing the camera at bright lights, placing it near a window or any area with strong back-lighting.


Step 6: Administrator Features

After the final welcome screen you will be placed in the Administrator Features section. From here you can:


  • Start the process of enrolling parents or staff for facial recognition sign-in.
  • Replay the Initial Setup screens.
  • Sign the Terminal Out.


To get back to these settings later hit the gear button from the app’s home screen. Accessing this section requires the username and password from a location supervisor.