Kindertales How-To
Kindertales Check-In App

Learn how to setup and use the Check-In Android companion app for Kindertales. This app allows parents to check-in their children themselves using facial recognition and QR codes. Staff can also use the app to check-in and out for the day.


Installing and Configuring the App

This section will show you how to download the app if using your own device and configure settings.


Topics Covered:

  • Device requirements and recommendations
  • Downloading and installing Check-In from Google Play
  • Desktop portal settings to enable Check-In
  • Best practices for where to place the device
  • In-app settings

Capturing Parent & Staff Images for Check-In

This section will explain the process of how to give users the ability to check-in via the app.


Topics Covered:

  • Capturing user images and the registration process
  • Signing in with facial recognition, QR code or manual entry
  • The process for checking children in and out
  • The process for staff checking in and out